Photo: Isabel Taylor 

Photo: Isabel Taylor 



How to Drown a Fish

Presented by Grace Gibson

Offstage a cassette is taken out of its box and put into the player. The music crackles and she bounds on to stage. She notices the woman who resembles a Bichon Frisé and the sign above the audience telling her to smile. With hairspray in her saliva, she dances on an uneven herringboned floor. The air is wet, her hair drips. She is drowning in a moment.

Inspired by a moment of failure, How to Drown a Fish is a devised solo performance that dissects the point when it all goes wrong. Unpacking personal experiences involving children’s dance competitions, public embarrassment and mistakes, this piece examines the relationship between the one who fell and those who watched her fall.

Supported by Arts Council England, The Pleasance Theatre, Camden People's Theatre, The Campsite, Creative Arts East and Somewhereto_. Developed at The Campsite Retreat with support of Jerwood Charitable Foundation.

What audiences said:

“Like the best kind of theatre I felt like I was watching it and also meditating about bigger thoughts about life.”

“I must thank you for making joyful art out of what has previously brought shame at the memory of them.”

“A funny, singular, visually smart, impulsive, self-effacing piece of performance.”

Collaborators and Creative Team:

Dadiow Lin (Lighting/Deviser), Rosa Brook (Sound/Deviser), Isabel Taylor (Photography and Film/Deviser), Flora Marston (Writer/Deviser), Abby Butcher (Associate Producer) and Zachary James (Dramaturg).