Photos: Matt Humphry

Photos: Matt Humphry

See Me Now

Created by Mimi Poskitt, Molly Taylor & the company

Instructions for Safety in the Sex Workplace
1. Don’t give out your real name
2. Always carry protection
3. Get the money first

London sex workers share their painful, touching and often hilarious stories. Male, female and transgender, they are teachers, cleaners and parents. Behind closed doors they’re also paid to make their clients feel good - in all sorts of ways. Some do it for the money, some for love, some for unexpected reasons...

A new play about an invisible side of everyday life.

Creative Team:
Written by Molly Taylor
Directed by Mimi Poskitt
Associate Director: Finn den Hertog
Design: Katrina Lindsay
Lighting: Mike Gunning
Sound: Emma Laxton
Music: Tom Parkinson
Movement: Vicki Manderson  
Jerwood Assistant Director: Grace Gibson

Grace later became the Associate Director and restaged See Me Now for the British Council Edinburgh Showcase 2017, which was performed at Volcano Theatre, Leith.

A Young Vic, Look Left Look Right & HighTide co-production.

Performed at The Young Vic.